Zabar's NY Original Toasting Bagel Bag - 18 Assorted (Kosher)
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Zabar's NY Original Toasting Bagel Bag - 18 Assorted (Kosher)

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Zabar’s NY Original Toasting Bagels Bag, Plain San Francisco has its sourdough, Chicago has its deep-dish pizza. If there’s one thing that defines New York food culture, it’s the bagel. Chewy, plump, malted, just begging for a schmear, a little nova, maybe some onion… There’s nothing like it anywhere else. Shipped ready to toast and devour, or slice, freeze and toast whenever you’re craving a nosh. Packed in our Zabar’s “Go Green” shopping bag to tote to your weekend brunch.
Kosher. Best toasted. Toast from frozen. Slice before freezing.
18 assorted bagels (6 plain, 6 poppy, 6 sesame).
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Part of Zabar's Gift Boxes, Gift Baskets, and Gift Crates Collection.

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