Bialetti Pizza Baking Set #07327

Bialetti Pizza Baking Set #07327

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Bialetti is an Italian company best known for the iconic Moka Express stovetop espresso maker. They have been making forays into selling other cookware and kitchen tools, and we really like this pizza baking set that they have put together. These are basic, well-designed tools that are right for the job.
If you like to bake as well as make pizza and don't yet have a baking stone, don't wait any longer! Unlike metal pans, a preheated stone absorbs moisture, resulting in great crusts and browning of anything you bake on it. Use it for homemade pizza, of course, but also for frozen pizza, bread, rolls, biscuits, galettes, etc. This set comes with a pizza cutter and a bonus small wooden pizza peel. We especially like the heavy-duty chrome serving rack, which allows you to use your pizza stone right at the table. Keep your pizza warm, or use it as a warming stone for appetizers, rolls, etc.
• 14 3/4" pizza stone
• chrome serving rack
• wood handled pizza cutter
• bonus wood pizza peel
• and a recipe

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