Coach Farm Aged Goat Wheel - 1-lb
  • Shipping Requirements: Overnight
  • Milk Type: Goat
  • Texture: SemiSoft
  • Package Size: 1lb
  • VegetarianIndicator: Vegetarian

Coach Farm Aged Goat Wheel - 1-lb

Product ID: 525A001

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Made in a little Hudson River village just two hours outside of New York City, Coach Farms' award-winning goat cheeses are asked for by name. This aged wheel, made from pasteurized milk, has the qualities you look for in a fine goat cheese: earthy, sweet, and mildly robust. A thin, creamy layer separates the bloomy rind from the bright-white, flaky paste. Very low on the "goaty" scale. Made using vegetable rennet. Approximate weight 1-lb.

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