Gjetost, Ski Queen - 8.8oz
  • Shipping Requirements: Ground
  • Milk Type: Mixed
  • Texture: SemiFirm
  • Package Size: 1lb

Gjetost, Ski Queen - 8.8oz

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Translated literally from Norwegian, it means "goat cheese". Pretty basic, huh? The name might be, but this whey-based cheese is anything but! It looks more like caramel than a cheese, and indeed, the flavor is sweeter than most cheeses, due to the extensive aging. In Norway, it is customary to serve this cheese at breakfast or lunch, atop open sandwiches, with toast or crisp-bread. Ski Queen, in the red box is a mixed-milk Gjetost: cow and goat. (Gjetost made only of goats' milk is called "Ekte Gjetost", by the way.) Approximate weight 8oz.
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