Cuisinart Supreme Commercial Quality Ice Cream Maker  #ICE-50BC

Cuisinart Supreme Commercial Quality Ice Cream Maker #ICE-50BC

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There are two main types of modern ice cream makers; the type that uses a bowl/insert that you've frozen in your freezer, and the sort that has its own compressor, like a mini freezer. They each have their charms and limitations, though both of them make delectable frozen desserts. Which sort you choose depends upon how much you want to spend, and also upon which features you are looking for, both in the finished product and the experience of using the ice cream maker.
Ice cream makers that use inserts were a great invention since they filled the cost and convenience gap between the ice-and-salt makers and the costly, large, ugly commercial compressor units. Insert makers are relatively inexpensive and are great at making small batches of frozen desserts. They do require advance planning, though, as the inserts need to hang out in your freezer at least overnight until their coolant is frozen absolutely solid, so if you want to make multiple batches you'll need multiple inserts. The inserts also take up freezer space, and your ingredients generally should be pre-chilled.
The new generation of compressor ice cream makers are much smaller than their commercial predecessors and are attractive countertop appliances. They are also easy; you put your ingredients in the machine, set the timer and turn it on. You don't have to pre-chill unless you want to, there's no inserts to store in your freezer, and you can make as many consecutive batches as you like. You can also make semi-frozen drinks in these machines with no additional ice, resulting in stronger flavors in your slushies and frozen margaritas.
Rated "Best Deluxe Ice Cream Maker" by Real Simple Magazine.
The Cuisinart Supreme Commercial Quality Ice Cream Maker is a compressor unit with many thoughtful features, including:
• Automatic turn off when cycle is complete
• 60 minute timer
• 1.5 quart capacity
• Transparent lid
• Large opening for add-ins
• weighs 12 pounds
• Handles
• Dimensions 16" x 10.13" x 10"
• Recipes included
• 3 year limited warranty

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