Swissmar Classic Raclette/Party Grill  #KF77041

Swissmar Classic Raclette/Party Grill #KF77041

Product ID: B20Z002

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Raclette is both the name of a cheese and a delectable Swiss dish using that cheese that has been around for centuries. Traditionally, everyone would sit close to the fireplace with plates of boiled potatoes and pickled gherkins, and someone would hold the cut edge of a big half wheel of Raclette close to the fire, and the melted cheese was scraped onto cooked potatoes. The sharp, crunchy gherkins are a great contrast to the rich, delectable cheese and potatoes.
Now, that's the traditional way and is a lot of fun. The modern way to enjoy raclette is with an electric Raclette grill like the Party Grill. You can have friends over for a dinner party and serve traditional Swiss fare or use your Party Grill to grill a variety of meat and vegetables as well as melting a variety of cheeses. The sky is the limit.
• Reversible grill top has a flat surface for preparing crepes
• Grill has a variable heat control
• 8 heat resistant spatulas
• 8 Raclette dishes
• Raclette cookbook

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