Fagor Duo 9pc. Pressure Canning Set (#918010006)

Fagor Duo 9pc. Pressure Canning Set (#918010006)

Product ID: BGEY002

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This all-in-one set includes the tools, recipes and instructions necessary in order to begin pressure cooking & canning at home! A triple safety system is featured which includes a safety locking handle to prevent accidental opening under pressure, a dual pressure control valve, and two independent over pressure release valves to avoid pressure build up. The bonded aluminum diffuser base can be used on any type of cooking surface, allowing greater versatility in today's ever-evolving kitchen, and ensures even heat distribution and fuel efficiency. Set Includes: 10-Quart Duo Pressure Cooker, canning rack which accommodates up to 4 quart size jars, jar wrench, stainless steel wide mouth funnel, magnetic lid lifter, stainless steel ladle, bubble freer, full-color home canning cookbook.

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