Ubriaco Moscato - 8oz
  • Shipping Requirements: Overnight
  • Milk Type: Cow
  • Texture: SemiFirm
  • Package Size: 8oz

Ubriaco Moscato - 8oz

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In Italian, "ubriaco" means "drunk," and not only has the cheese been submerged in Moscato grape must (leaving remnants of grape seeds and leaves pressed into the rind), but you might imagine you're drunk after eating it – you aren’t, don't worry. It's amazing and may sound far-fetched, but this cheese tastes like a glass of Champagne: intensely fruity, with the heady, fermented taste of sparkling wine, and somehow it feels almost fizzy on the palate. It's zingy and a little nutty, and I feel a little nutty writing this, but try it and you'll see. Is it festive? Oh yes. Made of cow's milk in Veneto, Italy. Weighs approximately 8 oz. Overnight shipping required.

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