The Lavish Cheese Party
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The Lavish Cheese Party

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We call our cheese mongers "cheese maestros" for the way they orchestrate the pairings of their wares. This harmonious assortment includes three virtuoso cheeses and perfectly tuned accompanists:
Camembert Calvados From Normandy, France 9oz. Petit Basque from the French Pyrenees 11oz. Drunken Goat, Spanish semi soft cheese 12oz. Dalmata fig Spread, made with Adriatic figs 8.5oz. Volpe Pinot Grigio Salami 8oz. Divina Country Olive Mix, assortment of classic green and black Greek olives 8oz. The Accidental baker's hearty Roasted Garlic & Rosemary Artisan Flatbreads 5oz.
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