French Morbier - 8oz
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  • Milk Type: Cow
  • Texture: SemiSoft
  • Package Size: 8oz

French Morbier - 8oz

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This semi-soft cheese is easily identifiable by its line of vegetable ash horizontally bisecting it, a tradition that goes back to this cheese's creation in France's Jura Mountains. At the end of the day after the gigantic wheels of comte were made, the little bit of leftover milk was poured into a vat and ash was spread on top to protect it and prevent it and keep it fresh. The next morning's milking was added on top of the ash, et voila! The supple, smooth paste lies beneath a brine-scrubbed rind. It's mildly pungent, fruity and nutty. Made of pasteurized cows' milk.

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