Iberico - 8oz
  • Shipping Requirements: 2Day
  • Milk Type: Mixed
  • Texture: SemiFirm
  • Package Size: 8oz.
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Iberico - 8oz

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Mixed milk cheeses use synergy, combining different milks to get the best of each, better than the sum of their parts. Iberico is one fine example. Made from cow, sheep, and goat's milk, it is a mild, yet flavorful, highly nuanced, savory treat, with notes reminiscent of sweet grilled onions and toasted bread. Very pleasant, highly addictive! This semi-firm cheese has a scattering of small eyes in the paste and a basket-weave rind, looking a bit like a 6-month-aged Manchego, but its taste is milder and more complex. Serve with quince paste (membrillo), Spanish almonds, chorizo, or Jamon Serrano. Approximate weight 8oz.

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