Pecorino Crotonese, Sini Fulvi - 8oz
  • Shipping Requirements: 2Day
  • Milk Type: Sheep
  • Texture: SemiFirm
  • Package Size: 8oz

Pecorino Crotonese, Sini Fulvi - 8oz

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Pecorino Crotonese looks a lot like Pecorino Toscano and one could be forgiven for mixing them up; however, in addition to being produced in different regions of Italy, they each have their own flavor profiles. Sure they are both semi-firm aged sheep's milk cheeses, but Crotonese has more "sheepyness" and citrus zing than similarly aged Toscano. This nutty wheel has a richness and tang reminiscent of sun-dried tomatoes. Artisanally-produced from January to June when the sheep's milk is at its peak in flavor and yield; aged in wicker baskets. Pasteurized; made in Sardinia and Lazio. Second-day shipping required. Approximate weight 8oz.

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