Bianco Sottobosco - 8oz
  • Shipping Requirements: Overnight
  • Milk Type: Cow and Goat
  • Texture: SemiSoft
  • Package Size: 8oz.

Bianco Sottobosco - 8oz

Product ID: 51100LF

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An Italian, "sottobosco" means "under the forest", and perhaps by this they mean truffles, which are found just beneath the forest floor. This rustic cow and goat's milk cheese is laced with black truffle, and upon taking one bite, you'll know it! Intensely truffly, it has a creamy mouthfeel, nutty and savory notes, and a garlicky finish. It's pale, flaky white paste looks lovely with flecks of black truffle. Very elegant. Made in Cuneo, Italy. Overnight shipping required.

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