Classic Zabar's Basket (Kosher)

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Classic Zabar's Basket (Kosher)

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Our bakery is legendary, which accounts for the long lines at 80th and Broadway! Avoid the wait – but reap the rewards – by ordering this hand woven basket, heaped with sweet nibbles and custom roasted coffee: • Zabar’s cinnamon rugelach • Zabar’s Black and White Cookies • Zabar’s chocolate babka • Lazzaroni Amaretti cookies • Erica’s apricot raspberry rugelach • Zabar’s assorted hamantashen • Zabar’s Chocolate Truffle filled Apple • Chocolate Bar • Zabar’s berry nut mix • 1 lb. Zabar’s Special Blend coffee, vacuum packed • Zabar’s mug.
Price Includes Ground Shipping.

Part of Zabar's Gift Boxes, Gift Baskets, and Gift Crates Collection.

Additional $16.00 charge for 1-day Saturday delivery.

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