Thermos Insulated Can Cooler (Black)
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Thermos Insulated Can Cooler (Black)

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Thermos is one of those brands that have become "generic", like "Kleenex" and "BandAid", which is really a compliment to the success of the brand. Their products really are top-notch and we're very happy to carry them on These are called "can coolers", but they can of course be used to keep any thing warm or cool. Use them for travel, vacations, bake sales, tailgates and potlucks. One of these stuffed full of travel and cooking gear would make a great gift for someone who likes to camp or hit the road in the summer.
These Insulated Can Coolers are wonderfully designed with great attention to detail. The one-piece leak-proof insulated liner is strong and semi-rigid, yet flexible, so it keeps its shape and sits upright, empty or full. The exterior is made from tough, easy to clean nylon and includes a flat pocket in the front. The top unzips on three sides for easy packing. The adjustable strap is strong and comfortable. Our favorite feature is the quick access "trapdoor" in the entirely insulated lid, so you don't have to unzip the whole lid to reach inside and grab something Both sizes have the same design elements.
• Capacity: 24,12 or 6 can
• Dimensions-24 can: 13.3" w x 9" d x 11.5" h
• Dimensions-12 can: 12.5" w x 10.3" d x 7" h
• Seamless Flex-A-Guardâ„¢ liner is 100% leak-proof
• Liner is made of tear-resistant polyethylene
• Adjustable shoulder strap
• Quick access lid for easy entry

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