Playmarket Go Up Shopping Trolley/Cart #23910
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Playmarket Go Up Shopping Trolley/Cart #23910

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The Playmarket company is based in Spain and their excellent shopping trolleys have been a staple throughout Europe for almost half a century. Now they are just becoming available in this country and we at Zabar's are so very excited to introduce them to our customers in New York and throughout the United States! We were blown away by how clever and useful and well-designed these trolleys are, and we think that anybody who does any schlepping while shopping (which is just about everybody in NYC) is going to lust after a Playmarket. They truly are "the right tools for the job".
The "Go Up" Shopping Trolley is head-and-shoulders above every other shopping cart we've seen in terms of design and materials, so it will last for years and years. It's difficult to know where to begin when listing its virtues, but there are a few that stand out.
The feature that struck us immediately was the wheels. The design is similar to a stroller's; two fixed, strong wheels in the back and two heavy duty double swivel wheels in front. This makes the trolley very easy to manouver regardless of the weight of the load and they are a snap to take up stairs.
The wheels were impressive enough, but everybody always oohs and ahhs over the large insulated thermal zipper pocket for cold items, and the removeable and washable main compartment liner. It has safety reflectors, and it is made from a very tough yet soft and attractive fabric. The padded handlebar is adjustable, the front bar prevents tipping at any load level, it has an adjustable, securable top, large capacity, and it collapses very simply into a very small, easily tucked-away profile that secures with a safety lock.
We just can't say enough good things about Playmarket shopping trolleys, and we are confident that you will love the Go Up as much as we do!
• Large capacity; easily carries what would fit in 3-4 standard paper grocery bags (at least!)
• Wipe-clean thermal insulated zipper compartment
• Machine washable inner bag
• Tough, yet soft fabric, well-sewn seams and overall sturdy contruction
• Strong and lightweight chassis
• Adjustable padded nonslip handlebar
• Lower front bar prevents tipping
• Safety reflectors
• Adjustable, securable top flap
• Swivel-wheel design manouvers easily
• Red Dot Design award winner, 2007
• 44"h x 16"w when in use, 25"h x 19"w x 12"d when folded
• 11 lbs

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