Prepara Ice Balls Ice Molds # PP03-IPO100

Prepara Ice Balls Ice Molds # PP03-IPO100

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These Ice Ball molds are fun to use and allow you to be creative with your ice for drinks. You only need one per glass since they are about the size of a golf ball. You can snap them together or tuck them into the unused spaces in your freezer. Place mint leaves, whole or sliced berries, slices of citrus or larger fruits, or even edible flowers into the Ice Ball mold, fill with water and freeze. You can also freeze juices, nectars, or purees in the molds to keep a pitcher or bowl full of cold liquid chilled without diluting it. You can get really creative; How about a whole fresh chile frozen into an Ice Ball for a "fire and ice" Bloody Mary? Plus, since they are sealed, your ice won't pick up "freezer funk" tastes and smells. Fun and flavor and convenience, all rolled together!
• BPA-Free
• 4-pack
• Footed base
• Won't spill once filled and sealed
• Keeps drinks colder longer

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