Vitamix Professional Series Blender # 1710

Vitamix Professional Series Blender # 1710

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Did you ever have a moment in your years of cooking when you used a really well-made kitchen tool for the first time and suddenly realized that you weren't deficient in skill, but that the knife or pan or appliance you were using was letting you down? It's frustrating to fight with your tools, and great tools make cooking easier and more fun because they do what they are supposed to do with ease, and reliably.
The Vita-Mix Professional is a serious kitchen power tool that really amazes most everyone who decides to take the plunge and get one. This is a home version of the super duper machines that are often used in professional kitchens. Many people are used to thinking of blenders as machines limited to making smoothies, margaritas, and pureed soups, but a top-notch machine like the Vita-Mix is actually capable of much more. You can make your own fresh nut butters, nut and soy milks, grind grains and beans for flour, make creamy frozen desserts, and you'll produce the smoothest, silkiest, restaurant-grade sauces and purees of just about anything that you put in it. The 2hp motor actually spins so fast and creates enough friction to heat up soup ingredients right inside the blender!
It's also very, very solid and built to last; many Vita-Mix machines are still running strong 20, 30 or more years later! All Vita-Mix products are manufactured from start to finish right here in the US at their factory in Cleveland, OH, which is a rare thing these days. Many users are incredibly passionate about their Vita-Mix blenders, which, if you think about it, is remarkable!
• Variable speed dial
• Powerful, 2 hp motor
• Brushed stainless steel finish
• Copolymer, BPA-free blending container
• Large, 64 oz capacity
• Comprehensive 7 year warranty and Vita-Mix's excellent user support.

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