Chef'n Garlic Slicer #102-228-009
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Chef'n Garlic Slicer #102-228-009

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Chef'n doesn't just design really cool looking, functional household tools; they solve kitchen problems.
One of their newest gadgets, the GarlicSlice, produces super fast, super thin sliced garlic; thinner (and safer) than using a knife! Plus, you can slice mounds of garlic without getting smelly garlic fingers.
• Twist-top design thinly slices garlic cloves in seconds
• Sharp-but-safe internal stainless steel blades
• Holds up to 2 regular sized cloves or 4 smaller sized cloves
• Slice garlic directly over a pan or into cap
• Top-rack dishwasher safe
Have a look at the GarlicSlice in action in our store on Broadway:

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