Picnic Time Toluca Insulated Cooler Tote for 2, Blue #401-42-138

Picnic Time Toluca Insulated Cooler Tote for 2, Blue #401-42-138

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Picnics are one of the best parts of summer! No matter if you like to cook everything from scratch or forage in your favorite deli for provisions, having one of these insulated, all-in-one totes makes transporting everything easy and convenient. Use it any time you need to take food somewhere, such as for potlucks, tailgating, bake sales, parties, etc. This would be an excellent gift for a food loving couple or individual, packed full of great pantry items.
The insulated, wipe-clean compartment is quite large and lined in white, so it's easy to see inside. There is rigid "pop open" reinforcement around the top of the bag so it will stay open and upright when unzipped. There's plenty of room for bottles, cans, numerous food containers, fruit, bread, and baked goods. The handles are folded over and sewn for comfort, and when empty the tote flattens for easy storage. Small flat zipper pocket in front and large velcro pocket on the back holds maps, spare change, sunblock, insect repellant, etc.
• Durable 600D polyester canvas
• Fully- insulated food compartment
• 24-can capacity
• Two 8 inch plates
• Two each: stainless forks, knives and spoons
• Two shatter- resistent wine glasses
• Two cotton napkins: 14 x 14
• One stainless steel, waiter-style corkscrew

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