Picnic Time Botanica Picnic Basket #215-19

Picnic Time Botanica Picnic Basket #215-19

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The Napa Botanica picnic basket Is a lovely, elegant blend of old-fashioned and modern styling and features. The basket itself is very classic, made from woven willow, yet the fabircs used to line it and that are used for the napkins and tablecloth have a modern color and print. T functional as well as elegant. This stylish basket includes all the amenities needed for an intimate wine & cheese service for two. Ideal for any gift giving occasion!
Includes the following
• Constructed of willow & fully lined
• Two 8oz wine glasses
• One 6"x6" wooden cutting board
• One stainless steel, waiter-style corkscrew
• One stainless steel cheese knife with wooden handle
• Two 14x14 cotton napkins
• One plastic food container
• One 44"x 44" cotton tablecloth

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