Proctor Silex Plus Slow Cooker 1.5qt #33116

Proctor Silex Plus Slow Cooker 1.5qt #33116

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Slow cookers are absolutely wonderful for busy people who want to prepare home cooked meals more often but are pressed for time because they are safe to leave on all day long while you are away. This smaller 1.5 qt. size is great for smaller families, but also for entertaining, as it keeps hot dips, condiments, hot appetizers and fondue at the perfect serving temperature. You can also cook an excellent batch of creamy oatmeal in a small slow cooker overnight, so you will wake up to a hot, wholesome breakfast. They are also great for cooking in the summer because, unlike full sized ovens, they produce very little excess heat. And the price is certainly right!
• Gasket lid seals tight with lid latch strap for easier travel
• Recipe name holder
• Keep warm setting
• Removable dishwasher safe stoneware crock
• Tempered glass lid
• Stay cool handles
• Rigorously tested for durability and reliability
• 8" x 8" x 9"
• 6 pounds

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