Miele Airclean Vacuum Filter Model FJM

Miele Airclean Vacuum Filter Model FJM

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It seems a little strange to admire a vacuum cleaner bag, but there is a lot to appreciate about all the filter/bag systems that Miele designs for their vacuums. The truth is, a vacuum bag is part of the design of the total vacuum system and is, in fact, a very important factor in the overall effectiveness of the vacuum. After all, a vacuum can have the best suction in the world but if the bags and filters aren't well-designed, lots of what you suck up with the machine won't be captured and will instead make the inside of your machine dirty and gritty, or be blown around the room. With these bags and filters, there's no stinky "vacuum bag smell" blowing out of the machine when you turn it on, and when it's time to change bags, there is a plastic flap in the bag that automatically closes over the opening, trapping the contents. These bags are designed with nine levels of filtration. (nine!) They are made of a durable, cloth-like woven material that is very tear-resistant, and the filters are easy to snap in and out of the vacuum.
Leave it to Miele to put every design detail under the microscope and come up with something great.
Miele Airclean filter, for use with these Miele vacuum models:
• S241
• S290
• S300 i
• S500
• S700
• S4000
• S256 i
• S291
• S399
• S578
• S758
• S4999
Contains 4 bags plus a filter.

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