Gourmet Decaf Vacuum Packed Coffee - 16oz  (Kosher)
  • Package Size: 1lb
  • Roast: Medium
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Gourmet Decaf Vacuum Packed Coffee - 16oz (Kosher)

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The same coffee that made Zabar's famous, now available in a convenient vacuum-pack. We vacuum-pack our coffee into a handy, easy-to-store pack. This extends the shelf-life and preserves the maximum amount of flavor, freshness, and aroma.

"All-purpose drip" grind.

Most other coffee vendors sell their coffee in 12-oz packages. Zabar's coffees are TRUE old-fashioned 16-oz pounds.
Please note: Zabar's coffee is roasted "lighter" than the mass-produced stuff, as it is the best way to retain the fine and nuanced flavors of the beans.

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