Antica Riseria Vignola Rice 2.2lbs
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Vialone Nano

Antica Riseria Vignola Rice 2.2lbs

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Arborio $11.19
Carnaroli $11.19
Vialone Nano $11.19
Since 1880, five generations of the Vignola family have devoted themselves exclusively to the art of refining rice, gradually transforming the old mill in Balzola into a modern company. Harvested from all over the Po Valley, Vignola's Antica Riserva Arborio, Carnaroli and Vialone Nano are made from the highest quality grains and produced using the most innovative production. We love the kilo pack size which you can simply transfer into a container and dip into everyday for your favorite risottos, salads, soups and puddings! Arborio: The most well known of the three typical Italian Rices, the external part of the grain cooks more quickly than the central part which stays "al dente", in turn producing a firm and chewy, yet creamy risotto. Carnaroli: Considered the "King of Italian Rices", Carnaroli's high amylase starch content lends itself to even cooking and absorption of flavors. Extremely versatile, Carnaroli is excellent in risottos, salads, soups and stews. Vialone Nano: The traditional rice of Mantua and Veneto, Vialone Nano has a round, short grain which can absorb twice its own grain weight in liquid. It is ideal for a creamy risotto with butternut squash, mushrooms and meats.

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