Rigoni di Asiago Italian Honey - 10.58oz (Kosher)
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Rigoni di Asiago Italian Honey - 10.58oz (Kosher)

Product ID: A2CS001

Flavor Quantity Price
Acacia Currently Unavailable $28.97
Chestnut $28.97
Forest $28.97
Orange $28.97
We know honey is beneficial for the body - from soothing sore throats, to providing an instant energy boost with long lasting effects - but the fact that is tastes really good is all it takes for us to consider it an essential for your pantry! Try Rigoni Organic Honey drizzled over Greek Yogurt, use to sweeten homemade granola, stir into tea, or use in marinades for meat and chicken. Flavors include: Acacia, Lime, Orange, Chestnut, and Forest Honey.

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