Zabar's Paring Knives
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Zabar's Paring Knives

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3 1/2" $32.98
4 1/2" $39.98
We've commissioned expert knife-makers from Solingen, Germany, a town famous for its unparallelled, high-carbon cutlery, to custom-craft the Zabar's line of knives, allowing us to offer excellent quality cutlery at an excellent price. The one-piece forged blades are high-carbon and non-stain, and are hand-sharpened and -honed. Their excellent balance makes them a pleasure to use for all of your chopping, slicing, and dicing needs. Full tang handles, hand sharpened and ground blades make these knives a must-have.
A good, sharp paring knife is definitely a kitchen essential for any kind of detail work; coring tomatoes, trimming a cut of meat, slicing apples, etc. Generally, the shorter the blade, the more precise the control, and the longer the blade, the more versatile the knife is for varied tasks. Many people find that having multiple paring knives in different lengths meets their needs best.

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