Champion Juicer 200+
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Champion Juicer 200+

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There's two main types of juicers that comprise most of the home juicing machines on the market; centrifugal (chop and spin) and masticating (grind and squeeze). There's also that old saying, "there are two main types of juicers; the ones that work and the ones that don't". Champion works--and great.
Champion Juicers are top-notch masticating machines that have been manufactured in California by a small, family-owned company since 1955. The Plastaket Manufacturing Company has always been dedicated to producing amazing juicers; in fact, the juicers and their accessories are pretty much all they make.
Champion juicers are built to last. ...and last and last and last. Many purchased decades ago are still going strong. Since this is a masticating juicer, the juice is extracted cool, so it is bright and vibrant in color and flavor, full of nutrients, and has a long shelf life in your refrigerator. Create healthful, delicious juices and sauces, sorbets and ice creams, smoothies, baby food and nut butters. With an additional attachment, you can mill flour, corn and soybean meal, and grind coffee bean and peppercorns. Also available for the Champion are large hole screens which allow more pulp into your juice if you prefer.
If you currently buy around three quality fresh-made juices or smoothies a week and switch to making them yourself with the Champion Juicer, it will pay for itself in about three months!
• Assembly and cleaning is quick and simple
• Heavy duty motor delivers industrial strength
• Floating cutter continuously separates the juice from the pulp
• Long-lasting stainless steel construction
• Tempered stainless steel blades are cast directly into the cutter
• Champion measuring cup included
• 24 pounds

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