Ultimate Basket
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Ultimate Basket

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Forego that fancy crystal vase that’ll just gather dust on the shelf. Wow everyone with this over-the-top assortment of Zabar’s very best!

What’s Inside: • 1/2 lb. Zabar’s nova • 1/2 lb. Zabar’s Scotch-cured salmon • Zabar’s plain and scallion cream cheese • 6 Zabar’s NY Original Toasting Bagels • 1/2 lb. Zabar’s hand-sliced corned beef • 1/2 lb. Zabar’s hand-sliced pastrami • Zabar’s signature sourdough rye bread • 1 lb. Zabar’s all-beef kosher salami • Zabar’s deli mustard • Zabar’s chocolate babka • Zabar’s cinnamon rugelach • Zabar’s chocolate bar • Cabot cheddar cheese • Badia a Coltibuono estate-bottled olive oil • Balsamico Suite balsamic vinegar of modena • Kusmi Tea, Prince Vladimir • Seattle Chocolates dark chocolate truffles • Godiva chocolate assortment • Zabar’s California apricots • Dufflet toasted hazelnut chocolate crackle • Little Scarlet strawberry preserves • 1 lb. Zabar’s Special Blend fresh roasted coffee • Zabar’s mug.

Part of Zabar's Gift Boxes, Gift Baskets, and Gift Crates Collection.

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