Simplehuman Touch-Free Sensor Soap Dispenser #ST1001

Simplehuman Touch-Free Sensor Soap Dispenser #ST1001

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It's ironic that a major goal of many designers of practical household items is to figure out how to both make their products not really call attention to themselves, and for the items' users to have to spend as little time using them as possible. Yet that seems to be the paradoxical objective of the designers at Simplehuman. Happily, another of their goals is to design things that are a pleasure to use.
The Touch-Free Sensor Soap Pump is a great device for households with kids, especially if you have a hard time getting them to wash their hands, because it's so fun to use! It's also ideal for anyone who has limited mobility or strength. You can use any gel soap, sanitizer, or lotion in the chamber and the lid fits on nice and snug. A very user-friendly device.
• Adjustable output volume
• Beautiful brushed nickel finish
• Uses 4 AA batteries (not included)
• Takes up about the same space as a regular hand pump

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