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Zabar's cheese department is a unique emporium offering cheese tastes from around the world. We carry the most common to the most exotic cheeses available; over 600 different types of cheese. We work with cheese producers from all over the world, including small farmhouses and large producers known and respected worldwide.


Selling over 7 tons of cheese weekly has allowed us to develop an overwhelming buying power. This in turn allows us to offer better prices and a more impressive selection of cheeses to our customers. Our experienced staff is dedicated to giving you the highest quality cheeses, at peak. Stop by and taste for yourself.


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The Inauguration of Weekly Cheese

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American Atisanal Cheeses American Artisanal Collection

A beautiful sampling of some of the best cheeses from American small producers. Blythedale Camembert, Pleasant Ridge Reserve, and Great Hill Blue.
European Collection Cheeses European Collection

It's like a EuroRail pass, but you don't need to leave home! Our cheese buyer has chosen three excellent European selections to whet your appetite. Le Grand Caprin Chèvre, Aged Piave and Iberico.
Olga's Cheese Collection Olga's Collection

The leader of our Cheese Department has chosen an international collection of fine cheeses that will make entertaining easy. it makes a great gift, too. Garrotxa, Extra Sharp Vintage Cheddar and Pierre-Robert.