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Aero Latte Original Steam Free Milk Frother #005

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The Aero Latte doesn't seem like it should be able to do what it does. It looks way too simple. Can a little tiny whisk on the end of a thin, battery powered stick really create creamy, coffeehouse-quality foam? The short answer is yes, it does indeed work as intended.
The Aero Latte works with fresh hot or cold milk; full fat, skim, and in between, and also soymilk, milk in aseptic boxes and instant powdered milk. You can even use half and half. Since it is small and battery powered, this is a very portable device. Combine this with the Aerobie Aeropress Espresso and Coffee Maker and your favorite Zabar's Coffee, and you have the perfect portable barista tool kit; just add milk. Perfect for vacations and trips to places where the available coffee is not the best.
If you use it to make around 6 fancy coffee drinks that you would have purchased from a cafe, it's already paid for itself!
• Polished chrome body
• Stainless steel shaft and whisk
• Two AA batteries included
• Easy to use, clean, and store
• Approximately 9"x 4"
Item No. B21K001
4.6 out of 5 Customer Rating

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