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American Artisanal Cheese Collection

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Perhaps there is no greater credit to American artisanal cheese makers than the fact that today they hold their own on the international stage against European makers with thousands of years of tradition. This collection is perfect for anyone who wants to find out what all the hype is about. It puts on display some of the best American cheese from Massachusetts, Wisconsin, and right here in New York. <

Bellavitano Merlot: Picture the best Wisconsin cheddar you’ve had, add notes of parmesan, then soak it in merlot for a rich and slightly sweet tang. A cheese that has won too many awards to list it is an absolute must try for cheese lovers. 8 oz.

Great Hill Blue: From Massachusetts comes this raw cow’s milk, fully flavored blue cheese. It will hit your pallet with an immediate kick before it transitions into a pleasant tart after taste. It’s not too strong, not too mild, it’s the goldilocks of American blue cheese. 8 oz.

Tapping Reeve: Named after Local lawyer Tapping Reeve who formed the Litchfield Law School in the late 18th century. Arethusa Farm developed a savory Colonial-style cheese to please the most discerning connoisseur - past or present. Tapping Reeve is both sharp and refined. 8 oz.

R&G Cheese Makers Goat Camembert: From R&G cheesemakers in upstate New York comes one of the most delightful soft goat cheeses you’ll be able to get your crackers on. Leave it at room temperature for at least 45 minutes before serving to let the full flavors come out. It gently melts in your mouth and slowly subsides to the delightful tang of goat cheese. 6 oz.

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