Belly (Salty) Lox - Handsliced

Item# 21100BJ


Belly (Salty) Lox - Handsliced, , large

Belly (Salty) Lox - Handsliced

Item# 21100BJ
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Where as some noshers prefer Nova, many old-time fressers scoff at such a delicate fish - they crave the full-flavored briny flavor that only Belly Lox can satisfy! Zabar's Belly Lox is still made the traditional way, using a generations - old brine curing recipe. You'll taste the difference upon the first bite: savory, robust, and briny - not flat and overly salty like some other Belly Lox out there. But you already know where to find the best; you're here! Choose 8-oz or 1-lb package. Overnight shipping required.
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