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Beurre d'Isigny Chrned - Unsalted 250 grams

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One of the oldest French butters on the market today, Isigny can trace its origins back to production in the 16th century. Today it is AOC certified meaning that the only butter that may call itself "Beurre d'Isigny" is that made from grass fed cows in the Veys Bay and surrounding valleys in France. The distinct advantage this butter enjoys come from the grasses on which the cows graze, which are rich in iodine, beta carotene, and trace elements. The result is the butter has a distinct natural yellow color that immediately lets the eye know it is in for an opulent treat with a gentle hazelnut flavor. No reconstituted creams or coloring agents are allowed so although you might never go back in time to the Renaissance your taste palate still can. It is unsalted making it ideal for cooks who want to control the salt content of their creations.
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