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Chef's Choice Professional Knife Sharpening Station #130

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Home knife sharpeners have come a long way over the years. In the past many of them were actually pretty inneffective at best, and damaging to knives at worst. Happily, EdgeCraft makes their excellent "Chef's Choice" line of sharpeners that do the job really well. Chef's Choice regularly conducts very popular knife sharpening clinics here in our store and they really know their stuff. They make both manual and electric sharpeners that can fit just about everyone's needs.

Of course, there's a lot of reasons to get a quality home knife sharpener. Sharp knives are safer, because they require less effort to get through food so are more controllable. They make meal prep faster and more enjoyable and you don't have to bring your knives anywhere else and pay to get them sharpened by someone who may or may not know what they are doing.

An important thing to understand is that a steel doesn't actually sharpen a knife. It only realigns the edge when it gets folded over with use. Proper sharpening is the only thing that will put a good new edge on a knife. Drum sharpeners or anything that makes heat or sparks actually damages the temper of a knife, weakening the metal. Whetstones require a lot of time and practice to get right.

These days, the preferred method of sharpening is to use diamond abrasive wheels and precision guides that hold the blade at the correct angle to create an excellent edge. No guesswork, no messy whetstones, fast, and safe.

The Chef's Choice Professional Knife Sharpening Station sharpens, steels, and polishes all brands and types of knives; straight and serrated, Japanese and double-edged, pocket and sports knives. You can put a custom edge on any knife by using the three different stages in this sharpening station in different combinations. Features include:

• 3-stage sharpening process
• Puts on an extremely sharp, long lasting edge
• Bevel angle control gives a great edge every time
• 100% diamond abrasive wheels
• Works on all types of knives
• Customize your knife edges for different cutting tasks
• Compact and stores in a drawer
• 3-year limited warranty
Item No. B202005
3.4 out of 5 Customer Rating

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