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Comte - Aged 18 Months - 8oz

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Franche-Comte, a dairy-rich region in France, uses 80% of its milk for cheese production, All from the red-and-white Montebeliard breed of cow. In the Village of Jura, "Frutieres" (small cheesemaking facilities) produce Comte, a well-loved raw cow's milk cheese. It takes 500 litres of milk to make one gigantic wheel of Comte, weighing in at just under 90 lbs. This one is aged for 18 months. Beautifully fruity, sweet, and lightly tangy, Comte is famous for its notes of toasted hazelnuts, and its woodsy finish is reminiscent of brown bread. There's a lot going on in this big cheese! Makes a wonderful fondue cheese or serve as a table cheese for breakfast, or anytime, with fresh fruit and a rustic, crusty loaf of bread. Approximate Weight 8oz.
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  • Package Size: 8oz
  • Texture: SemiFirm