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D'Artagnan White truffle Butter 3oz

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Truffle butter is used in high end restaurants worldwide for its ability to summon rarely experienced taste sensations to the palate. The rich, earthiness of its flavor can add depths of decadence to any meal from filet mignon to a simple sliced baguette. Now you can bring that savory taste back to your own kitchen. D'Artagnan was founded right here in New York City. Since its inception they have been a leading producer of the highest grade specialty foods, from charcuterie to foie gras. Their truffle butter continues the tradition of excellence they have established, bringing you a robust richness with a garlicky aroma and taste. The truffle flavor is perfectly distributed throughout the butter ensuring consitentency in every bite. White truffles will be stronger than black truffles but either option will have you coming back for more.
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