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Epicurean Pizza Peel 23x14" #007-231401

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Item No. B26H001

The Epicurean pizza peel has a nicely-beveled front edge to make getting under the edge of your pizza easy, and it's got a hole in the handle for hanging.
The coolest thing that sets this peel apart from others is that it's knife-safe! You can cut your pizza right on it, and even serve from your peel.
It's not just for pizza! If you like to bake artisan bread on a baking stone, this is a great tool for transferring the loaves to and from the oven.
Epicurean Cutting Surfaces (R) are made from an environmentally friendly natural wood fiber that will last for years of use, are easy to handle and store, and won't dull your good knives.
Dishwasher safe. NSF approved. Heat resistant to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.