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Espirit Du Sel Flower of Salt - 5.64oz

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Established in 1986 to preserve and promote the French salt marsh heritage, Esprit du Sel produces authentic, rare and traditional Fleur de Sel ("flower of the salt"). Fleur de Sel is skimmed in summer from the thin surface layer of the saltpans, and then crystallizes under the combined action of the sun and the wind. The salt has an aroma of violets and it’s pink-tinged, translucent, and moist crystals dissolve like tiny snowflakes on the tongue, leaving a taste of the sea they came from. Also, the fine, flavorful crystals are very rich in magnesium and iodine. Prized by the best French chefs, use Fleur de Sel to gently season and enhance the taste of fresh, raw fruits, vegetables and cooked dishes.
Item No. A2DG003