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Grana Padano PDO - 8oz.

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Often confused With its close relative Parmigiano, this hard grating cheese enjoys a rich history and a delicious character all its own. Created in the 12th century by Benedictine and Cisterian Monks who needed a way to preserve the abundance of milk from their cattle, which were raised to till the fields of the Paduan Plain, this cheese became known as "Grana" for two reasons: during production, the curds have to be cut so small, they are the size of individual grains of rice; and the cheese has a very hard, granular texture. Aged for 1-2 years, it is very firm and flaky. When cut, the fresh and dried grasses the cows eat are detectable in the aroma; the flavor is intensely fruity with a tangy nuttiness. Grating it is one way to go, but also serve it alongside fruit or drizzled with honey. Raw milk. Approximate Weight 8oz.
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  • Package Size: 8oz.
  • Texture: Firm