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Gusto D' Italia Cheese Collection

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Diverse, regionally specific, countless - these are four words that describe the cheeses of Italy. The Romans can be thanked for bringing cheesemaking to nearly all of Europe, but that was back in the Middle Ages! These days, Italy supports a cheese industry that is still one of the most complex and exciting in the world.

While many Italian cheeses never make it out of Italy, during the past few years an increasing number of beautiful cheeses from all over the country have made their way to our shores, and Zabar’s is proud to offer as many as we can find! We think you’ll be proud, too, to serve these gorgeous formaggi to friends and family.
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• Rocchetta from the Peidmont region of Northern Italy, is a prime example of the soft, luscious, “paglia”-style cheeses, so named for the beds of straw upon which they age, 8 oz.
• Mountain Gorgonzola from Peidmont, is one of the most beloved blues in the world, 8 oz.
• Parmigiano-Reggiano from Reggio-Emilia, is the King of Italian Cheese and undisputedly one of the best cheeses in the world, 8 oz.
• Mitica Taralli Classico, an Italian unsweetened cracker with extra virgin olive oil that’s first boiled, then baked, 8.8 oz.
• Pitted Castelvetrano Olives, produced only in the groves around the town of Castelvetrano, in Sicily’s Belice river valley, 8 oz.
• Acacia honey, light and floral with a hint of vanilla from Emilia Romagna, 4.2 oz.
• Acino d’Oro truffle flavor Balsamic glaze from Bomporto, 5 oz.

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