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Parmigiano-Reggiano PDO - 8oz

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Describing Parmiagiano-Reggiano is like describing a wonder of the world. It encompasses a certain kind of beauty that has been so covered and reflected upon that it is hard to form an original sentence in its praise. The cows that make this cheese are grass fed and their raw milk is cooked then carefully aged for at least two years by artisan makers following more than 700 years of tradition. Production is strictly limited to designated dairies and cheese houses in the North of Italy so when you buy certified Parmigiano-Reggiano you always know what you’re getting. The flavor is full and nutty and there are few aromas in the world that match the smell of a freshly opened piece. This is the gold standard for grating cheese and food preparation but it manages to be equally as delicious when it is paired with fruit, crackers, or wine.
Aged 2 years. Approximate weight 8oz.

Ships ground.
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  • Package Size: 8oz
  • Texture: Firm