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L'Estornell Red Wine Garnacha Vinegar 8.8 fl oz.

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Wine vinegar is the most commonly used vinegar throughout the Mediterranean countries and Central Europe. More versatile than the now seemingly ubiquitous balsamic vinegar, red wine vinegar is great in everything from making vinaigrettes, marinating meats, deglazing and even for pickling. L' Estornell Red Wine Garnacha Vinegar, produced in the southern region of Priorato in Catalonia, is made exclusively Garnacha grapes. Aged in oak for more than 20 years, the vinegar is extracted annually from barrels in small quantities and preserved naturally without additives. Slightly opaque and rosy red with a coppery-colored hue, the vinegar is rich and aromatic with just the right amount of acidity. A bold, yet smooth, almost port-like taste with hints of berries and wood is a reflection of the vinegar's maturity. Combine with L'Estornell Organic Extra Virgin Oil for dressing greens and warm vegetable salads, or on it's own as a finish to soups made with lentils and beans. 8.8oz.
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