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Zabars Poached Salmon

Zabars Poached Salmon
Two salmon fillets, delicately poached in white wine (approx. 7 lbs). Beautifully presented on a handcrafted wooden fish board. Garnished with cucumber slices, lemon and capers. Accompanied by our homemade dill sauce. You will be charged a $25.00 deposit for the fish board. You may keep the board (a $29.00 value) or return for a full refund.
Serves Approximately 12 People  $150.00
Zabars Roast Turkey Zabars Roast Turkey
A whole roast turkey. Expertly sliced, reassembled, and garnished. Please note orders for Roast Turkey must be placed 48 hours in advance. *cooked weight.
Medium (14-16* Lbs) Serves 20  $145.00
Large (17-20* Lbs) Serves 25  $175.00
Zabars Roast Chicken Zabars Roast Chicken
Zabar’s classic rotisserie chicken, cut into eights and beautifully garnished on a ready to serve platter. Accompanied by two salads of your choice.
Small(Serves 10 People)  $90.00
Large(Serves 15 People)  $125.00
Zabars Shrimp Platter Zabars Shrimp Platter
Perfectly steamed shrimp beautifully arranged on a platter. Garnished with lemon and served with Zabar’s homemade cocktail sauce.
Small (Serves 15 People)  $115.00
Large (Serves 30 People)  $210.00
Zabars Hors DOeuvres Zabars Hors DOeuvres
An assortment of ready-to-heat hors d’oeuvres (heating instructions included). Selection may includes bites such as: Mushroom truffle risotto, asparagus mousse and creamy polenta, enchilada corn cups, Asian spring rolls and black bean empanadas.
Five Dozen  $85.00
Zabars Crudite Basket Zabars Crudite Basket
A colorful selection of beautifully arranged seasonal vegetables in a ready to serve basket. Accompanied by our homemade dip. A palette of color and freshness.
Small (Serves 15 People)  $85.00
Large (Serves 30 People)  $160.00
Zabars Cheese and Fruit Zabars Cheese and Fruit
Our colorful Cheese & Fruit platter features an international selection of cheeses such as St. Andre, French Brie, Gorgonzola Dulce, French Fournals, a French Goat Log, Swiss Gruyere, Italian Fontina, and Herbed Boursin. Garnished with fresh seasonal fruit and accompanied by a selection of imported crackers.
Small (Serves 10 People)  $95.00
Large (Serves 20 People)  $150.00
  Zabars Bread Basket Zabars Bread Basket
A rustic cloth lined basket filled with an assortment of freshly baked and sliced breads and rolls.
Serves 25 People  $55.00