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A World of Flavors

A Mediterranean platter with baba ghannouj, hummus, Greek feta cheese, dolmakas, and olives. Accompanied by pita triangles. Large Platter also includes roasted red peppers.
Small (Serves 10)  $85.00
Large (Serves 20)  $160.00
Americana Americana
An all American platter with egg salad, tuna salad, potato salad, cucumber salad, Israeli salad, and chicken salad. Accompanied by small assorted rolls. Large Platter also includes chopped liver.
Small (Serves 10)  $85.00
Large (Serves 20)  $160.00
Zabars Pate & Cheese Board Zabars Pate & Cheese Board
Our Pate & Cheese board features country style, truffled mousse and vegetable pâté with French Comte. Accompanied by roasted asparagus, cornichons, olives, baby corn, petit toasts and sliced French baguettes.
Serves 10 People  $100.00
Italian Antipasti Board Italian Antipasti Board
Marinated artichokes and peppers, roasted asparagus, aged Parmesan cheese, bocconcini, prosciutto, sopressata, rosemary cotto ham and olives. Served with Italian breadsticks.
Serves 10  $125.00
French Charcuterie Board French Charcuterie Board
Country and truffled mousse pâtés, saucisson (dried sausage), Brie and Le Cornilly cheeses. Accompanied by dried pears, fresh grapes, dried cranberries, cornichons, pistachio nuts, and olives. Served with petit toasts and sliced French baguettes.
Serves 10 $125.00
Tapas Board Tapas Board
Manchego and cabrales cheeses, chorizo, Serrano ham, Spanish olives, artichokes and piquillo peppers. Accompanied by dried figs, smoked almonds and quince paste. Served with sliced French baguettes.
Serves 10 $125.00
Artisanal Cheese Board Artisanal Cheese Board
A sophisticated and elegant board featuring English Farmhouse Cheddar, Garrotxa, Ossau Iraty, Vermont Brie, Colston Basset Blue and Nevat. Accompanied by fig jam, fresh grapes, dried cranberries and semi-dried figs. Served with Carr’s water and whole wheat crackers and sliced French baguettes. Please note: All cheeses are subject to change based upon availability.
Serves 15  $145.00