Search Tips

How to use the Search Tool
To search our web site, just type in a descriptive keyword or two into the search field located in the top navigation on every page and click “go”. You will be presented with all of the relevant products and information that match your search term. If you have one of our catalogs, you can also simply enter the item number in the search field and hit “go”.

Refining Your Search Results
The search results will display up to 12 items per page, with an easy-to-use toolbar that allows you to move from page to page, or jump multiple pages at a time (you can move from page 1 to page 4 with one click). You will also be presented with navigation (on the right) to "Refine Your Results".  Using these links will help you locate the items you are looking for easily.  You will find refinement values for product price, brand, category and atttribute.

Choosing Keywords
Our search tool looks for an exact match based on the keywords you enter, so don’t use a sentence format. Rather, be as succinct as possible. It is usually better to start with a broad search term like “coffee” to see all possible options. You can then either refine your search by utilizing the “Refine Your Results” function or by typing in a more specific keyword string such as “hazelnut coffee”. Be sure to check your spelling!

Do not use “And” or “Or” commands to combine keywords. This will not result in a successful search.

If we do not have any relevant results for a keyword search, you will be prompted to try again. Check your spelling, or try another logical keyword to get the desired results.

Our search function is not case-sensitive. You can use all capital letters, all lowercase, or a combination and get successful results.  For example, “COFFEE”, “Coffee” and “coffee” all will return successful, identical results.