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Pecorino Romano, Sini Fulvi - 8oz

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Although Pecorino Romano originated in the countryside outside of Rome, all are made in Sardinia today, except one: Fulvi. This is why it is referred to as "genuine" Pecorino Romano. Sheep milk from the Lazio region goes to dairies in the village of Nepi, where, according to ancient recipe, it is handmade into giant, 65-pound wheels. Pungent and pleasantly briny, it seems to melt on the tongue. Since it is far less hard and dry than Sardinian Pecorinos, when it is grated onto hot food, the slivers blend, but do not disappear. Try it for dessert with honey, its sweetness will balance the cheese's saltiness. Approximate weight 8oz.
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  • Package Size: 8oz
  • Texture: Firm