Imported Serrano Ham

Item# 4110006


Imported Serrano Ham, , large

Imported Serrano Ham

Item# 4110006
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This Spanish, dry-cured ham is quickly gaining popularity in the United States. Like Italian Prosciutto, Serrano is made by stacking and salting fresh hams, rinsing the salt, and then hanging them to dry in high-altitude curing rooms this process preserves the meat and develops flavor. And Serrano has LOTS of flavor. Rich and savory, with balanced salinity, it has a more pronounced gamy, "porky" flavor than Prosciutto. Serve thinly sliced with your favorite Spanish cheeses, olives, and Marcona almonds. Imported from Spain. Available in 8-oz or 1-lb pckgs, half 6-7lbs or whole 12-14lbs hams. Requires 2-day shipping.
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