Ronnybrook Farms Sweet Cream in a Tub Salted 8oz

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Ronnybrook is a family owned diary farm in Ancramdale New York that participates in what have been called "beyond organic" techniques. What this means is that all their milk comes from the offspring of local Holstein cows that the family has raised and cared for for almost 70 years. They never use hormones or pesticides and the animals receive plenty of space and daily access to pasture. The result is apparent in the flavor, as the cows produce milk that the palate can immediately differentiate from the factory farmed alternative. The Ronnybrook butter takes cream from these cows and churns it in small batches. Churning their butter in 40 gallon batches allows them to achieve a higher butter fat content and ensure there is very little moisture. With 84-86% butterfat content it is one of the richest options on the market. And since it doesn’t burn as quickly when cooking, chefs can't recommend it enough!
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